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It is ready for you: Image Hosting 2012-08-06

Some extra features are yet to be implemented, but right now is just ready! im9 is clearly a kind of project to be developed through many years. Today we have made just the first step on that journey.

We like it when the latest images list changes, so upload as many images as you can ;-) Quick Upload Mozilla Page Update 2012-08-02

We have finally updated the Mozilla Firefox Extension's Page for Simplest Image Hosting Firefox extension. New screenshots as well as the new, refreshed icon of Simplest Image Hosting.

Visit the extension page and (if you are a Firefox user ;-)) give our extension a try!

A new toy: Random Image From 2012-07-22

This toy has been developed for use with im9 Image Hosting but since it's not ready yet, we have implemented support in the meantime. Random Images From allows you to set the amount and thumbnails size.

It is fast, fun, free - enjoy ;-)

Currently working on: im9 Image Hosting 2012-06-06

Focusing on simplicity we are using years of experience from running Simplest Image Hosting, to create the best image hosting service. im9 will be, in many ways, similar to Simplest Image Hosting but it will offer many more features.

We hope to launch im9 Image Hosting before September 2012.